Monthly Archives: November 2013

Hello World!

Greetings and welcome to TheJeanneBean!

Lets begin with a quick friendly introduction. I grew up in a very crafty family and have in one way or another have always kept my hands busy, I have crossed paths with knitting, crocheting, photography, papercraft,and embroidery just to name a few, but sewing has emerged as hands down my favorite. I have had sewing exposure starting at a very young age (my mother always made my brother and I halloween costumes) but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really felt the calling. For my birthday that year I received two patterns both by Sewaholic (the Cambie Dress and the Alma Blouse) and was instantly hooked. Since then I have been working on a variety of stitched goods, anywhere from clothing and accessories to home goods.

Here I plan on sharing with the world my sewing adventure, whether it be it be my own personal projects or items for my Etsy shop. I am inspired by vintage fabrics, bright colors, and great patterns and much of my work expresses this. Currently I am working on adding small pouches to my Etsy line that are perfect for anything from cosmetics to pens and pencils.


Remember to keep checking back for stitching updates!!