Winter Peony Dress

Hello all, it has been a little while, there has not been any specific reason it has taken me so long to write this post (considering I look the photos for it at the same time as my last two posts), I just have been a little busy. More on that later. But for now I wanted to share with you my make of Colette Patterns Peony Dress. I received this pattern as a Christmas gift and it was actually my first make of he year. I have been eyeballing this pattern for some time, seeing all of the lovely versions on the web and was so glad to be able to make my own. Along with all this internet pattern stalking I was well aware with the multiple fitting problems that went along with this pattern and felt it was time that I start flexing my fitting skills. I began by grading the pattern to my multiple sizes (shoulder 6, bust and waist 8, and 10 hips) and made a muslin. Much like others I had a ton of fabric on gapping on the back of my neck I ended up slashing the pattern back and taking 1 1/2″ out (so 3″ total for the final garment), but then the shoulders were too far up so to accommodate I moved them over 1/2″, which all helped immensely! For the most part that was the only major pattern change I had to make, but I did end up lowering the neckline by 1″ and took the hips back in to the size 8.

So here she is! My winter Peony dress.
Colette's Peony Dress

For this version I used some cotton(?) suiting that I have had in my stash for ages, I want to say that I received this from my grandma, but I honestly cannot remember. It has a very subtile mini-houndstooth-ish patterning to it. Since it is the dead of winter here I went with the three-quarter length sleeves. I’m not a fan of how these sleeves fit, they seem to twist a little in the back and I honestly have no idea how to fix it (if any of you have ideas I would love to hear them). But for now I’m content with just making short sleeve versions since the muslin, which was short sleeve didn’t have this issue.

Colette's Peony Dress

Rather than using the invisible zipper that the pattern calls for I used a regular old black zipper and inserted it using the side lapped method (my first attempt!). I also decied to line the skirt since I plan to be wearing this dress with tights since this is Wisconsin. I used yet again another item for my stash, some polyester plaid lining.

Colette's Peony Dress

I cut the lining using the skirt pattern pieces and hand stitched it into the waistline after the zipper was attached. I was struck with inspiration as I was finishing hemming the dress and added some cotton lace to the hem of the lining. This was for sure from my Grandmother, who had tons of lace that she got after her sister in-laws fabric shop closed down in the 1970’s (if I am remembering correctly).

Colette's Peony Dress

While this is not my favorite dress, it is a great winter basic, I even wore it to a recent job interview! I have a few more versions in store for this pattern, one is already completed and just waiting to be photographed. Speaking of photographs I also have a few more items that will be added to my Etsy shop within the next few days, I just need some sun shine! I will let all of you know once they are added.



One thought on “Winter Peony Dress

  1. Sewing Faille

    I was looking through the Colette Peony Flickr pool and yours was one of the examples that stood out the most to me– it fits you so well. And then I read about all the alterations you had to do. Well done! I hope you’re really enjoying the dress. You did such a great job with it.


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