Introducing the EVERYDAY(PLUS) TOTE

Etsy Shop update, for any and all of you who are curious, there are a few new items in my Etsy shop including a reworking of my EVERYDAY TOTE.


The new version is fittingly called the EVERYDAY(PLUS) Tote and features many updates such as vinyl bottom, cotton muslin lining, pocket with extra wide pen/pencil slot, and a magnetic clasp. In essence this tote is more like a purse but still utilizes the tote format.



What I love about this tote is the vinyl bottom, not only is it visually interesting, but it also make this bag perfect for resting on damp surfaces for brief periods of time making it ideal for a variety of seasons. I don’t know about you but I tend to place my totes on the ground quite often, this solves many issues for me. I can now safely set down my bag and not worry that everything will get damp. But please note that the bottom is not entirely water proof, I won’t be placing it in a puddle anytime soon and neither should you!

Don’t forget to pop by and check out the new goodies.



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