Shaggy Dog Anna Dress

Wow two posts in a two week period! Here’s hoping I can keep this up, but I’m not promising anything. Anyways life has been a little slow as of lately, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing especially when it comes to sewing (guys I have a ton of projects either in the works or in my queue)! Anyways I started this dress back in February, I quickly finished the bodice but was being indecisive and a little scared of starting the skirt, so this project sat around unfinished for a while, which wasn’t the worst since there was no way I would be able to wear it in the dead of winter. Without further ado, here is my Shaggy Dog Anna Dress.

Shaggy Dog Anna Dress

I purchased this fabric about a year and a half ago from the most amazing estate sale that I have been to (The entire attic was stuffed full of vintage fabric, most of which still had tags on it!) and have been saving it for a pattern that I knew I would wear.

Detail of Vintage Shaggy Dog Fabric

After my success with the Anna Dress by By Hand London I decided to use the bodice and experiment with the skirt. I had been admiring pleated skirts as of late (especially those by Roisin aka Dolly Clacket) and decided to use a vintage Stretch & Sew pattern as a guide. I had made the skirt prior and like the way that it fit but instead of using the back pattern pieces (which were gathers and not pleats) I decided to simply cut the front again for the back, but cut it in half and add a 5/8″ seam allowance and then shifted the placement of the pleats so that the zipper wouldn’t over lap them. For the bodice I cut the same size as my previous version but did the v-neck rather than the slash neckline, looking back I really should have done an FBA since the chest is a smidge tight and the front of the bodice rides up a little in comparison with the back, but I plan on wearing this with a belt so it really isn’t that big of a deal. It just goes to show you how the fabric really makes a difference, since I didn’t have a problem with my rayon challis version. The only other alteration I did was add pockets (from Colette’s Peony Dress), which really makes this dress a hit with me.

Shaggy Dog Anna Dress

Shaggy Dog Anna Dress

While sewing I did notice how stiff this cotton was, but I didn’t really think much about it, but once it was finished it was very noticeable in the rear, so I washed the dress in vinegar to help soften it up a bit, and it did help a little. The butt still wears a bit odd and I’m trying to decide it i should unpick some stitches and make it gathered instead (thoughts?), but for now this will be a perfect summer dress, that is if summer ever gets here (heck I would just be happy if it would stop snowing!!!)

I’m entering this dress into the Sew Dolly Clacket dress contest. If you aren’t familiar with Roisin’s Blog you should really check it out, she uses awesome novelty prints and lots of independent patterns to make the most amazing dresses. This lady is high on the list of seamstresses that I greatly admire. I hope my dress lives up to her awesome work!

Next up is my Coco Top from Tilly and the Buttons!

Quick Facts:
Pattern: The Anna Dress by By Hand London and Stretch and Sew #407
Fabric: Vintage cotton Shaggy Dog
Size: Bodice 12US/16UK Skirt 42
Adjustments: Used front pattern pieces for back and shifted pleats


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