Me Made May Week 2

I’m a little late with last weeks round up, I definitely meant to post this last night but got sucked into some video games with the husband, but better late than never right?

MMM Week 2
Day 4: Where’s Waldo Coco Top, Day 6: Pre-blog Kelly Skirt, Day 7: Wearable muslin of my Coppelia Cardi, Day 8: Maritime Coco Dress, Day 9: Soon-to-be-blogged Plantain T-shirt and Miette Skirt, Day 11: Plantain T-Shirt

Apparently this was a week of separates, which I do feel accurately reflects what I wear on a day to day basis. Sometimes I just fell too fancy in a dress, but realistically I need to start wearing them since I make quite a bit of them. As far as my goal of wearing 4 Me Made garments a week, well I think I kinda undersold myself with that goal. So I have decided to add an additional goal,

‘I, Jeanne of TheJeanneBean, endeavor to wear all of my Me Made garments at least once during the month of May 2014’

If that doesn’t get me to wear the dresses stashed in the back of my closet, I don’t know what will.





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