Me Made May Week 3

Howdy all! This week was a little more difficult for me, partially due to the weather (it got fairly cold again) and many of my dresses don’t quite work as well in the cold. I should possibly get some more tights that aren’t just black, which may remedy that situation.

MMM 14 Week 3 pt 1Day 12: Unblogged Denim Miette Skirt Day 13: Pre-blog Hawthorne Top Day 14: Pre-blog Denim Kelly Skirt and Unblogged Gertie’s Portrait Blouse

MMM 14 Week 3 pt 2Day 16: Unblogged Plantain T-Shirt Day 17: Spring Peony Dress

Good news is I am still meeting my goal of wearing 4 handmade garments a week, bad news is I was only able to get in one dress this week, but I still have enough time left in the month to work in the rest of them. Also looking back I sure do love that black cardigan! Maybe I should try to make my own, anyone know of a good pattern I could try?




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