Me Made May ’14 Week 5 and Review

May has been over now for several days and I keep meaning to write up my last week and review, but between starting a new job and getting ready for Paris I just haven’t had a chance. Regardless here is my final Me Made May ’14 write up!

MMMay 14 Week 5

Day 25: As of yet unblogged Hawthorn Dress by Colette Patterns Day 26: Unglogged Tiny Pocket Tank by Grainline Studio and wearable muslin of Miette Skirt by Tilly and the Buttons Day 28: Shaggy Dog Anna Dress

As you may of may not remember I made two pledges for Me Made May ’14, the original being ‘I, Jeanne of TheJeanneBean, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavor to wear a minimum of 4 handmade garments a week for the duration of May 2014′ . I was easily able to meet this and quickly realized that I needed to add something in order to really challenge myself. So after week two I added an additional pledge ‘I, Jeanne of TheJeanneBean, endeavor to wear all of my Me Made garments at least once during the month of May 2014′ I am really glad that I added this since it helped me pull a few extra things out of the closet that I had not worn in quite a while or at all. What really bums me out is that I was one stinkin’ dress short of meeting my goal, not counting my winter stuff which is currently all packed up in the back of my closet. Which dress you may ask? My Double Anna Dress. While I love this dress it is just a bit too fancy for my day to day life, plus the last week of May I was helping my Aunt move and this dress was really not practical for sitting on the floor of the basement!

While I did not meet both of my pledges I am really happy that I decided to do Me Made May this year. It really helped me figure out what I like to wear and actually got me to wear my me-mades a majority of the time. I have been continuing thus far to wear a few handmade garments a week, especially to my new job! All in all I gotta say thanks to Zoe for such a great challenge and if all goes well I will be upping the ante next year for my pledge.

This will be my last post for a little while since I’m off to Paris in a few short days, but once I’m back I will share some of my adventures as well as my Hawthorn Dress from Day 25!

Quick Facts for Me Made May ’14
Total handmade garments worn: 21
Repeats:3 garments repeated a total of 7 times
Most Worn:Denim Miette Skirt a total of 3 times
# of Dresses: 7
# of Separates: 14


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