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Stitching Up Wardrobe Basics- A Denim Miette and Goldilocks Plantain Tees

Here it is, the post I have been meaning to write up since the beginning of May, whoops. Introducing my unoriginal (whatever, I love the heck out of this thing) denim Miette Skirt and more Plantain T-shirts! I actually finished most of these mere days before the beginning of Me-Made-May ’14 knowing that I could really use some more basic pieces in my life and as you can see from my round-up posts they were the most worn things for the month.

Tilly's Miette Skirt and Deer & Doe's Plantain Tee

I had been eyeballing Tilly’s Miette skirt for some time and once I decided I was joining in on MMMay I knew I wanted another denim skirt in my arsenal since my denim Kelly skirt from last year is too big now, I have to wear it with a belt to hold it up. I did end up making a wearable muslin, even though it is a wrap skirt so it requires minimal fitting, and I ended up only making one small adjustment. I’m super glad that I took the time on my wearable muslin (I even french seamed it!) since it is absolutely wearable. The only thing I noticed is that the side seams tilted towards the front a smidgen, which I fixed by doing a simple slash and spread of 5/8″ to the front skirt piece.

For my denim version I ordered some Robert Kaufman cotton and linen blend which has a beautiful drape, weight, and minimal wrinkle. I recommend the hell out of this fabric! I chose not to use the kangaroo style pockets that are included in the pattern and decided to add inseam ones instead, I used the pocket pieces from Colette Pattern’s Peony Dress since that was in reach, and I gotta say I love them. While my cellphone can look a little bulky on my hip they are placed exactly where I need them. Other than that and the previously mentioned slash and spread I made no other adjustments. I have only had one slight incident where I may have flashed a little side butt in this skirt (was walking on campus between all the tall building, which have essentially created a crazy wind vortex), but I have had no issues with that riding my bike. This skirt is a total win in my book, I mean it’s bike friendly guys, how could it not be!

Tilly's Miette Skirt and Deer & Doe's Plantain Tee

Tilly's Miette Skirt and Deer & Doe's Plantain Tee

Initially I wasn’t planning on blogging about my additional Plantain T-shirts since I already covered my first version here, but I thought they would make a good combo post for the Miette skirt, plus I thought I should share the difference fabric make when stitching these up. I picked up these knits at the same time as my denim since they were super cheap, they were all under $65 a yard, and since they were wide enough I only needed a single yard for each shirt! I made three total, one white, one chartreuse (which has since sold out), and one in the perfect green (which has sold out as well). I started with the white and while it stitched up the easiest of the three the fit is off, it is too short everywhere (but it still works with skirts and high-waisted pants)! Without really taking the fabric into consideration I jumped ahead and made the chartreuse one, but lengthened the sleeves and the bodice by 5/8″. I ended cutting 5/8″ off the bottom in the end since this fabric had a TON of all way stretch. After stitching it up I realized that the fabric was the culprit in both of these, so I debated on what to do for the green one (I had the forethought to save it for last since it was my favorite of the fabrics). In the end I decided to go back to the original length in the bodice but stick with the 5/8″ longer sleeves, and I finally hit the jackpot!

Goldilocks Plantain T-Shirts

Here they are all hung out on the line and you can really see the difference, the white one is a good two inches shorter than the other two and the chartreuse is about an inch wider than the green, which I assume is from the all way stretch since these were all cut the same width wise. Obviously the green version is by far my favorite, the fit is great, the fabric is the perfect weight and color, even if it wrinkles quite easily. All in all this is still a great pattern, just keep an eye on what fabric you use.

In other news, I finally have this blog up on Bloglovin’, which you can find here Follow my blog with Bloglovin . I was initially trying to change the url of my old one, but that did not seem to be possible so I simply created a new one. Just make sure you follow the WordPress one and not the MilwaukeeOnline version.

Next up is the final Me Made May Round-up and my review of the overall month.



Quick Facts:

Pattern: Tilly and the Button’s Miette Skirt
Alterations:Slash and spread front skirt piece by 5/8″

Pattern: Deer and Doe’s Plantain T-shirt
Fabric: Sold out cheep knits from
Alterations: Same as first blogged version as well as lenghtend sleeves by 5/8″